Monday, May 16, 2011

Money Programme

MONEY – It’s Now or Never

A transformational new two-month programme for you and your money

1st Workshop -19th June

Casa do Artista, Carnide, Lisbon


Mark Wentworth and Filipe De Moura

We will guide you and support you to overcome limiting beliefs that prevent you from achieving the financial freedom you want. It is this freedom that enables you to follow and fulfil your dreams.

During this process we will help you find creative solutions to build a future of abundance it will also be a space where current money problems will have a safe place to be explored and importantly transformed.

By setting a clear intention of your dream we will work with you in achieving this goal. By using techniques of spontaneous representation from Dynamic Theatre, created and developed by Mark Wentworth and Filipe De Moura, this technique offers a way to discover limiting patterns which will have been implicit in blocking your path to abundance, we will give life to and make conscious your outdated beliefs about money and help you to replace them with new intentions and new life fulfilling goals. Each person will find his or her personal path towards success.

We will help you:

· Meet and embody your “abundant self”

· Reconnect and remember your life dreams

· Create a map and a plan for achieving your goals

· Recognise and reclaim your personal power

Offering creative solutions to your new financial beliefs, we will show you how to live the life you imagined was only possible in movies or dreams. You can live the life you have always wanted!

This exciting program is offered during two months consisting of:

• 2 one-day workshops giving you techniques to grow in abundance and value. (June 19 and July 10)

• 2 individual sessions of two hours with Mark and Filipe, we will help you identify and work with plans to achieve your personal goals, helping you make your dreams a reality. One session will be between the June and July one-day workshops and the final individual session will be scheduled after the July one-day workshop.

This program is offered at a special price of 370 € which can be paid in two monthly payments of € 185 or 3 payments of € 123.50.

As a way of recognizing your commitment to become friends with money and make your dreams a reality, we offer you a very special price for both our money courses. The workshop “abundantly wealthy” (regular price € 180) and the programme "Money, Now or Never "(regular price € 370) together are normally € 550 but if you sign up for both, we will offer you the special price of 495 €. (Which again can be paid over a two or three month period).

*Bring a friend and receive 50% discount on your inscription

** Bring 3 friends and your place is free

For more information and to book your place on this course please contact:

Filipe at or call +351 91 252 6758

Mark at or call on +351 91 602 6373

“When we become the impossible, the impossible then becomes possible”

Mark Wentworth

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