Monday, May 16, 2011

The Hero's Journey

The Hero’s Journey

Living The Life You Were Born To Live


Mark Wentworth

23rd – 26th June 2011

Purley Chase Centre

Atterstone, Warwickshire

“A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself”

Joseph Campbell

Do you feel as though you are meant to be doing something more with your life, more than you are doing right now?

The Hero’s Journey is about following your inspirations and living the life you were born to live. We will show you how to follow that pathway.

Have you lost your passion for following your dreams?

The Hero’s Journey wakes you up to the abundance and richness that all of life has to offer. We will show you how to dream again.

One new thought can change the world; everything you see around you right now started life as a thought, and that thought has changed the world forever more.

We will teach you how to unlock your full potential.

The hero’s call to greatness comes in many different forms, to start with a dream, next a wish or desire to make a change. Do you hear the call?

Dynamic Theatre offers techniques to assist you in following your own unique calling, living your passion, your dream and living the work you were born to do.

Ancient Wisdom and today’s non-western tribal elders tell us stories about how we are all born with a unique and special dream, this dream is our gift to the world, they tell us that we can do it, and that it is possible to dream our dream into being. Everyone is born with a dream. By entering the “Dreamtime” and the world of imagination and storytelling through sacred drama we can and will encounter our most fulfilled self. This encounter is life changing. We can never be the same again once we have embraced and met this all-knowing, all-loving self. Life becomes brighter and lighter as we integrate our dream into being. As in all good Heroic adventures we must also be prepared to meet and face our saboteurs and shadows, but like all exciting Hero stories help is always close by in the most unexpected shape or form. Allies always support the Hero.

With an inspired mix of Dynamic Theatre, Storytelling and Colour Medicine we invite you on this four-day quest to come discover and experience the magic and mystery of your own heroic journey. Nothing inspires more positive and creative change in our communities than people who live their passion. It's not just in a select few, it's in everyone, and together, with our families, with our friends and colleagues we can become the change we want to see. Change happens from the inside-out, change happens when we embrace our own heroic journey and dare to answer the call for action.

Investment: £320 plus accommodation/meals – prices start at £40 per day, for shared room with all meals included.

Location and Venue: Our venue for this course is the beautifully situated Purley Chase centre in the heart of Warwickshire. The centre is set in 6 acres of woodland and is a perfect for walking and just being with nature. The centre is easily accessible by all forms of transport, see Purley Chase website for more details. Please book directly with Purley Chase the type of accommodation you require. Any type of special diet must be requested at time of booking.

Tel: +44 (0) 1827 712370

Further Information: For further information and to book your place on this course please contact Mark at

Or call on +44 (0) 7949 282 384 or +351 91 602 6373

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