Friday, March 18, 2011

DT in Knaresborough

An opportunity to experience Dynamic Theatre as a way to bring healing to ourselves, our ancestors and ultimately our communities,

presented by its creators:

Filipe De Moura & Mark Wentworth

Health and Wellbeing in the Community – Healing from the Inside Out.

April 16th/17th - Knaresborough, North Yorkshire

By bringing personal and social stories to life through this exciting blend we have the chance to create magic and watch sacred alchemy take place through the medium of drama, but no ordinary drama, for all roles are played “incognito” to enable the “I” to become “we” “us” and “it” and the microcosm to be the macrocosm, the shamanistic belief is that there is no “out there” it is all but a projection of our own unknown face. Therefore we all hold total responsibility for creating health and wellbeing in our communities. When we become whole, on some level we offer a little bit more balance and wellbeing back to our communities.

In this two-day workshop we will explore, encounter and experience Dynamic Theatre as a journey of discovery to explore how our unconscious drives and patterns can sometimes be seen to hinder our growth. At the same time through Dynamic Theatre we are able to encounter all that is invisible and realise there is actually “black gold” waiting to be discovered. We will learn that by playing “incognito” we gain a whole new level of comprehension. It is from this perspective we begin to understand that to heal from the inside out means we have the responsibility to express our unique qualities and to live the life we were born to live.

Workshop Price: £120

Contact: Catherine Barnard for accommodation details and bookings

Email: Tel: 07736734344

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