Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Two-Year Training Programme

Attendant of the Soul

Dynamic Theatre Two-year Practitioner Training Programme


Mark Wentworth & Filipe De Moura

First Level

October 28th – November 2nd 2010, Peniche, Portugal

Attendant of the soul is a servant of the soul; this is the original ancient Greek term for psychotherapist. When you become a servant of the soul a whole new world opens up to you, the invisible becomes visible and the impossible becomes possible. Dynamic Theatre (DT) is an exciting new approach using the ancient wisdom of attending to the needs of the soul and translating those needs in to a grounded practical method of exploring and working with current day issues. It is a technique of spontaneous representation to allow people to see situations from different perspectives; it enables people to have a richer understanding of the reality.

In this two-year practitioner training you will learn how to work with Dynamic Theatre as a group process or as a one to one consultation. We will explore Colour Psycho-Dynamics, Shamanism, Psychodrama, Systemic Patterns, and Storytelling, all of which make up the rich experience of Dynamic Theatre

Dynamic Theatre was created by Mark Wentworth and Filipe De Moura in 2003; it is inspired by their combined love of drama, storytelling and the wish and desires to make a difference in the world. Dynamic Theatre is described as a tool for sacred alchemy of turning issues into solutions and problems into learning all through the act of drama.

For the full training programme and further information please contact Mark:

Telephone: +44(0) 7949 282 384 (UK)

+351 91 602 6373 (International)

“When we become the impossible, the impossible then becomes possible”

Mark Wentworth

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