Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Porto 18th/19th September 2010

Dynamic Theatre
Healing from the Inside Out
Mark Wentworth
18th/19th September 2010
Penafiel, Porto

In most non-western cultures the health and wellbeing of the community is the responsibility of each individual. If one person is sick the whole community becomes unbalanced. In restoring harmony and wholeness to tribal life everyone gathers together for the healing of one person with the belief that they too along with the community will be healed. With this belief system it is impossible for any one person to ever feel separated or have a feeling of not belonging.

Could the reason we see so much unrest in our own communities be because we have literally lost our sense of belonging?

Dynamic Theatre is inspired by the an eclectic mix of Psychodrama, Shamanism and systemic therapies, by bringing personal and social stories to life through this exciting blend we have the chance to create magic and watch sacred alchemy take place through the medium of drama, but no ordinary drama, for all roles are played “incognito” to enable the “I” to become “we” “us” and “it” and the microcosm to be the macrocosm, the shamanistic belief is that there is no “out there” it is all but a projection of our own unknown face. Therefore we all hold total responsibility for creating health and wellbeing in our communities. When we become whole, on some level we offer a little bit more balance and wellbeing back to our communities.

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