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The Hero's Journey - Healing from the Inside Out

The Hero’s Journey - Healing from the inside out


Mark Wentworth & Filipe De Moura

4th – 9th February 2010

Hotel Praia Norte, Peniche, Portugal

“A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself”

Joseph Campbell

We are all Heroes and Heroines in the context of our own life, and like all heroes, we encounter difficulties and obstacles as well as successes and victories. Each one of us has a unique calling and gift to offer to the world, that gift no matter how great or small is what makes each one of us special, and each one of us heroes of our own best lives. In most non-western cultures the health and wellbeing of the community is the responsibility of each individual to become the best that they can be. If one person is “lost” or “asleep” on their journey the whole community becomes unbalanced. In restoring harmony and wholeness to tribal life everyone gathers together for the healing of one person with the belief that they too, along with the community will be “awakened and found”. With this belief system it is impossible for any one person to ever feel separated or have a feeling of not belonging, each person is recognised for his or her unique and invaluable contribution.

Could the reason we see so much unrest in our own communities be because we have literally lost our sense of belonging?

Dynamic Theatre is inspired by an eclectic mix of Psychodrama, Shamanism and systemic therapies, by bringing personal and social stories to life through this exciting blend we have the chance to create magic and watch sacred alchemy take place through the medium of drama, but no ordinary drama, for all roles are played “incognito” to enable the “I” to become “we” “us” and “it” and the microcosm to be the macrocosm. The shamanistic belief is that there is no “out there” it is all but a projection of our own unknown face. Therefore we all hold total one hundred percent responsibility for creating health and wellbeing in our daily lives and in our communities. When we become whole on some level we offer a little bit more balance and wellbeing back to our communities, and like all heroes we return home to our “tribe” and most importantly we return home to ourselves.

With an inspired mix of Dynamic Theatre, Storytelling and Colour Medicine we invite you on these five days to come experience the magic and mystery of your own heroic journey. With lots of laughter and play, and sometimes tears, which are both of joy and freedom of letting go, we invite you to discover the treasure and wisdom that each one of us already holds within, we invite you to come stand in the centre of the fire with us and like the phoenix rise from the ashes as your own best hero.

“When we become the impossible, the impossible then becomes possible

Mark Wentworth

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