Sunday, March 3, 2013

Light of the Ancestors

A journey of honoring and mutual support between our past, present and future.
23rd - 24th March, Lisbon
“Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great.

You can be that generation”
Nelson Mandela

It is possible that you are carrying and holding some of the unfinished stories of your ancestors.
Deep in our subconscious we carry the collective story of our family’s history. All those who have gone before us play a part in making us who we are today, influencing us in many levels such as health, money, relationships, success or extra weight.
By honoring and listening to the past, we bring peace and harmony to the family, thereby creating stronger roots, securer foundations and experience a joy of living in the present, creating a happier and more fulfilling future for ourselves and our descendants.
When we make space in our life for the love a wisdom of our ancestors it's almost impossible to ever feel alone again. We are connected to an immense and consistent support system that wants nothing more than our total happiness. We are the conscious creation of our ancestors, the answer to their prayers.
This two-day workshop will enable you to understand and free yourself from any repeating ancestral patterns as well as contribute to the healing of your cultural heritage. From the workshop you will gain information and action to take to heal yourself, your family, and your country.
Date 23 e 24 de March (9h30 – 17h30)
Investiment: 120€
Contact: – 91 602 6373 – 91 252 6758 

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