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Reconnecting with your true essence

Reconnecting with your true essence
Reclaiming your full creative potential.

7th & 8th July 2012
University of London, WC1

Mark Wentworth & Filipe De Moura

“Everyone has been made for some particular work,
And the desire for that work has been put in every heart.”

How many times do you feel that there is something more for yourself than what you are doing at the moment?

How many times do we remember the things that used to make us happy in childhood, it was the simple things that could easily bring a smile to our faces, and those simple things made us content and happy?

These are the clues for us to remember our essence. They existed before so many expectations had been placed on our back.

What about expectations?  Where do they come from and whom do they belong to?

Do we constantly live to fulfil them or can we live free from them?

Do we do what we do to prove something or because we love what we do no matter even if it’s a rainy day?

·      This workshop will be an enriching experience to help you start living the life you dream of. The more we give passion and manifestation to our own dreams the more we create a different world for everyone.

·      We offer this life-changing opportunity to lay claim to our full potential in which we become complete in all areas of our lives, feeling the strength and capability to achieve anything. We then feel and know from the inside out that nothing can stop us from achieving our hearts’ desire.

·      If you are at a crossroads in your life be it personally or from a business perspective and wish to seek advice and new direction, Dynamic Theatre can help lead you to finding the right answer and the best direction.

The first day will be spent exploring what blocks and stops you from reconnecting with your true essence, as well as bringing to consciousness and highlighting your heart’s desire. The second day is for creating the action plans needed and then learning to put into practice the strategies required to live your full creative potential.  

This super workshop of Colour for Life and Dynamic Theatre is set in sacred space and is a place where heart and soul can step forward for the conscious creation of your wildest dreams filled with abundance, joy, laughter, and love. Bring to consciousness your hidden myths and stories that run your life and learn to transform them from dreams to realities and in so doing help others explore and create their own.

Colour for Life is a method of powerful fusion between archetypal, colour and transpersonal psychology, resulting in a technique which brings about powerful life changes through simple to use actions and rituals for daily life.

Dynamic Theatre (DT) is an “action-method” of spontaneous representation inspired by the ancient Shamanic use of theatre, drama and storytelling, as well as the outstanding life work of Jacob L. Moreno. By bringing personal and social stories to life through this exciting blend we have the chance to create magic and watch potent alchemy take place through the medium of Dynamic Theatre.

Why people are so passionate about Colour for Life and Dynamic Theatre is because they get straight to the point all the time, uncovering accurately the true reality underneath your life’s struggles, pointing at what is blocking you and, importantly, helping you to discover what actions are needed to realign you with your purpose in life.

Mark Wentworth and Filipe De Moura are international pioneers in Expressive Arts transforming worldwide communities and individuals with Dynamic Theatre and other creative arts.

Mark and Filipe will work with you to help you to reconnect with you true essence, your dreams and your purpose and mission in life

Experience, play and share your joys and sorrows compassionately with others as we discover the unknown together. In sharing, we find we do not stand alone, but are deeply supported not just by other people but also by life itself.  Come prepared to grow, heal and reclaim your life!

“If you can dream it, you can play it, if you can act it, you can create it”
Mark Wentworth

Booking your place:

Because we believe in the value of this work we want to make it available for everyone, so you do not miss this opportunity because of financial reasons we are therefore making this weekend available on a donation basis.

Donations will be gratefully received in cash or by cheque on the Sunday. The suggested donation for the weekend is between £119 - £399.

To secure your place a non-refundable deposit of £60 is required. Please send your deposit either by cheque or direct bank transfer to:

 Mark – or 07949 282 384  
 Filipe  - or 07505 075 525

Comments from previous course participants:

“Unbelievable changes occurred in my life, in such a fast way I didn’t even think that it was possible to happen. (…) Dynamic Theatre is an intense and full way of being in life! It is to Wake up and live our own and unique story!”
R. A. - Portugal

“I see Dynamic Theatre as a big guide for our awakening. Every time I do DT I see myself finding things in me that had been asleep till then, I recover parts of myself that had been lost and I find explanation in things that I have done in the past that until now I couldn’t explain. DT is like guiding us home. Dynamic Theatre to me is one of the most simple, biggest and transforming techniques that I have ever tried”
I. M. - Portugal

“In 20 years of attending workshops Dynamic Theatre was the best I have ever been to.”
L. B. - Holland

Dynamic Theatre is beyond words; it is a "must be" experience. Mark and Filipe are quite simply magic makers extraordinaire"
A.   F. - Portugal 

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