Friday, July 29, 2011

Inspiring the world to play

Inspiring the World to Play 

Dynamic Theatre gives you the freedom to let go and remember how it is to play again. Watch any group of children play and within minutes not only will you feel the energy levels and laughter rise but the creativity and imagination that flows with it is totally inspiring to be around. Now imagine transferring that level of inspiration and creativity into your own life or into your business, seemingly unsolvable problems now become creative new directions, a tired and unmotivated team remembers how it is to play again making them highly motivated team players for your business success. 

We are all made up of stories of where we have come from and where we would like to be going to, even a company has it's own creation story of how it all began and who was involved at the onset. Long before modern technology enabled us to now so easily communicate around the globe, valuable information was passed on by the telling of stories, there were stories of heroism and difficulties overcome, all were told to young and old alike as a way of bringing hope and inspiration for taking the next step, or when a person was lost and didn't know which way to turn. Children love stories, it gives us a reference, it enables us to dream in different worlds and travel to any place or time, all we need to hear are those magic words "Once upon a time..." 

Now imagine the creativity, inspiration and passion involved if we took your story, be it personal or business, and then brought it to life through drama, the story of course being filled with all your own leading characters, bad guys, and magical mentors so that you could be witness to a performance of a chapter from your very own life story. Maybe it's an old story about to be carried forward into the next chapter, or maybe now you have a choice to re-write and tell a different story. 

Dynamic Theatre offers you the opportunity to experience your story in action. Sometimes we need more than images and words to make changes in our life, by stepping into role of a new “successful you” we embody and make real that which already exists inside of you, or by watching someone else step into your role and play a scene from your life or from your business, immediately changes your perspective and viewpoint from one of blocked and closed doors to an open pathway with a new exciting journey ahead. 

What's the next part of the story, how will it end, or is it a, to be continued...

Dynamic Theatre (DT) is an “action-method” inspired by the ancient Shamanic use of theatre, drama and storytelling, and the outstanding life work of Jacob L. Moreno. Dynamic Theatre was created by Mark Wentworth and Filipe De Moura in Portugal, in 2003.

Dynamic Theatre can be experienced as a one to one session or as a group process.

Participant’s comments:

“I’ve never laughed so much and yet done such deep and profound work at the same time”
B.B. – Shannon, Eire

“In 20 years of attending workshops Dynamic Theatre was by far the best I have ever attended”
 M.L. – Amsterdam, Holland 

“Dynamic Theatre is like a really gripping book – you open a page or read a chapter and get really interested and just can’t stop reading on; you can’t believe the book will get better and better or any more exciting but it does and you just can’t put it down and want to write more chapters for everybody to share. There are no words, Dynamic Theatre has to be experienced, even though you can’t wait to tell your friends how good it is” T.L – Herts, UK

“When we become the impossible, the impossible then becomes possible” 

Mark Wentworth 


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