Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Creation

Dynamic Theatre was created and founded by myself, Mark Wentworth, and Filipe De Moura in Southern Portugal, 2003. Through inspiration and the desire to play and make life simple myself and Filipe started experimenting with different forms of dramatic expression. In my first Colour for Life training course in Portugal, with Filipe's assistance, I introduced Dynamic Theatre to my group for the first time. The results were quite amazing and it was from then on we started experimenting and developing Dynamic Theatre (DT) more and more. It took another 3 years of experimenting and getting to know DT before it was ready to be presented to the world. The first ever Dynamic Theatre workshop was in Bristol, UK, October 2006.

Dynamic Theatre was inspired by Psychodrama, Systemic Therapies and Shamanism, all three have added something special to make Dynamic Theatre what it is today. Myself and Filipe then took our own therapy experiences, both good and bad, mixed that together with our own ideas and inspirations and through a lot of soul searching, laughter and play, Dynamic Theatre was born in my living room in Fuzeta, Southern Portugal.  I think we both realised that together we had created something special, something that would have a deep impact not only on us, but also on the world.  At the time it seemed a little grandiose to think about having an impact on the world, maybe on ourselves, friends and colleagues yes, but on the world.... It is only now in 2009 and having almost travelled the world with DT that I realise as much as we had hopes and dreams for Dynamic Theatre, DT also had hopes and dreams for us!

I would like to acknowledge and give thanks to my first Colour for Life training group in Portugal, it was your trust and support that made it possible to experiment and know the potential of Dynamic Theatre. Like a first love you will always have a special place in our hearts. Thank you.  

The journey hasn't always been easy and for sure we have learnt a lot about ourselves and other people on the way, but I really wouldn't change a thing.  

 "No inner Irritation, No Pearl" - Buddhist saying

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